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Unconventional Plays

Unlike the conventional pools where oil and gas flows naturally or can be pumped to the surface using traditional methods, unconventional oil and gas pools do not flow naturally through the rock, making them much more difficult to produce. As the conventional resources declined around the world and new technologies emerged, producers are able now to produce from “unconventional” oil and natural gas resources (tight oil, tight gas, shale gas, CBM) that were previously impossible to obtain.

McLeay Geological recognized long ago the importance and the future of the unconventional plays and made all efforts to understand and learn the concept behind as well as to be actively present in the development of these plays.

Since we got involved22 years ago in unconventional programs, we did provide field and office personnel to over 33 producers in more than 60 fields and drilling well over 3000 locations in the provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

All this tremendous field experience coupled with the willingness and efforts to understand the science of these plays, turned out to be of great benefit to our business and positioned McLeay at the very top of the most experienced consultancies in the development of unconventional projects.

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