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Our Services

Wellsite Geology
As one of Canada’s premier service companies, McLeay Geological has been providing geological wellsite supervision since it originated in 1976. For over 39 years, we have been able to establish and perfect a team of over 80 well trained wellsite consultants with extensive domestic and international experience in a wide range of drilling programs.

Petrographic Studies
Understanding the diagenetic history and the petrological characteristics of the formation of interest it is very important in order to drill an efficient well and maximize the hydrocarbon recovery. Qualitative descriptions of sandstone, carbonate and shale reservoirs using drill cuttings, cores and thin-sections are provided by specialized petrographers with field and lab experience.

Geochemical Data
Besides the geophysical and geological data, the geological history of an area and its hydrocarbon formations can be also interpreted through geochemical analysis. Tailored to the specific needs of our clients, the petrographic analysis of drill cuttings, core and thin-section can be routinely supported by a variety of geochemical tests in the lab or on location.

Operations Geologists and Project Management
Having over 39 years of experience in large scale projects and in a wide variety of drilling programs, McLeay Geological has the knowledge and the expertise to provide Project Management and Operations support using experienced consultants able to work individually on location and/or out of the client’s office.

In order to increase the efficiency of a drilled well, weather on-site or remote, our experienced geosteering personnel will help to keep the wellbore on the ideal position assisting the asset team with the decision making and steering the well to the most profitable target.


Looking into the future of the oil and gas industry, it appears to us that the geophysical world becomes much more of a higher scientific skills environment, fundamentally being perfectly placed to evolve into the role of providing key insight to an integrated team of professionals with various energy business objectives.


At McLeay Geological we believe that a successful team requires a close collaboration between geologists, geophysicists, economists and engineers. The oil and gas engineers are involved in the process of extracting oil and natural gas from reservoirs and use multiple knowledge to ensure that drilling and production components are conducted accurately and efficiently while complying with laws and environmental standards

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